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Swakopmund in 3D

Swakopmund in 3D

The coastal town Swakopmund has 43 000 inhabitants and is mostly living from tourism. It does not really rain in Swakopmund, but on numerous days the city is covered by fog. The cold benguela stream is responsible for the mild temperatures in the city.

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Skeltettküste von oben

Swakopmund's waterfront is full of cafes, restaurants and children's playgrounds. The adjoining beach has been bayed, so that the sea water is not too cold than on the rest of the coast.

Swakopmund Strandpromenade
Swakopmund Strandcafee
Swakopmund Leuchtturm
Swakopmund Spielplatz

At the open-air theater in the main season from December to January almost daily concerts take place.

Swakopmund Freilichttheater

Immediately near the open-air theater is the Monument to the Marine Expeditionary Corps and an open market for African art.

Marineexpeditionskorps Denkmal Swakopmund
Afrikanischer Kunstmakt Swakopmund


The cityscape

The architecture is still largely from the German colonial era and is a listed building. Many shops and streets still have German names. Some say it is the southernmost city in Germany.

Fußgängerzone Swakopmund

Hohenzollernhaus Swakopmund
Damaraturm Swakopmund
Altes Amtsgericht Swakopmund
Ankerplatz Swakopmund


Die Kristall Galerie

The Crystal Gallery is a geological museum operated as a private company. Here, the world's largest known quartz crystal is exhibited. In addition to this, numerous quartz and gemstones can be seen. A special feature is an artificial, accessible crystal cave.

Kristall Galerie Swakopmund


On the beach

At the jetty are the trendiest restaurants in Swakopmund. There are offered the fish that are caught on the Namibian coast. Recreation can be found on the kilometer-long beach promenade in Swakopmund.

Strand Panorama Swakopmund

Seebrücke Swakopmund
Jetty Swakopmund
Strand Swakopmund
Bucht Swakopmund

Swakopmund Panorama


The coastal road

On the coastal road from Swakopmund to Walvisbay are located directly on the sea the highest sand dunes in the world. There are also camel rides, quad biking and sandboarding available in some places.

Küstenstraße Swakopmund Walvisbay


Walvis Bay

The city of Walvis Bay is Namibia's only port city for large container ships. Immediately next to the harbor is a bay with a beach promenade where you can watch thousands of flamingos.


Wasvisbay Lagune
Strandpromenade Wasvisbay

Wasvisbay Jetty


The highest sand dunes in the world

Between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay are the highest sand dunes in the world. Sometimes they can grow up to 300 meters high. At dune 7 is a barbecue area where you have the opportunity to climb the sand dune.

Dune 7 Grillplatz

Important tip, if you want to climb the sand dune. Take the long path along the dune ridge. If you chose the direct way up, then the last few meters are particularly problematic because the sand is so soft that you sink into it with your feet.

Dune 7 Panorama
Dorob Nationalpark
Dorob Nationalpark Duenes


Skeleton Coast

"The land, that God created in anger" – that is how the San people called the hostile and extreme dry landscape at the Namibian coast. Indeed, you will discover numerous shipwrecks and skeletons of stranded wales at the coast. Geological a majority of the Skeleton Coast, aged about 1,5 billion years.

Skeltettküste Schiffswrack

Skeltettkueste Ruine
Skeltettküste Geisterstadt
Skeltettküste Tank
Skeltettküste Container


Cape Cross

The seal reserveration at Cape Cross is one of the largest stream areas of the southafrican sea bears and is especially accessabile for visitors. They form a colonie off up to 250 000 animals. Visitors should have a rheumy nose as it is smells quite stiff. From a viewing platfrom visitors have the possibility to see the seals so close that you can even stroke them.


Südafrikanischer Seebär
Südafrikanische Seebären

Robbenreservat am Kreuzkap


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