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How do I make a 3D photo from a 2D photo?

There are various software solutions for every budget to produce 3D photos from normal 2D photos. One method is to create a so-called depth mask in Photoshop or Gimp. With StereoPhotoMaker you can load the original image with the depth mask and generate a 3D image. On the following the original picture:


And now my result as an anaglyph picture:


Creating a depth mask requires a lot of experience with a graphics program and a good spatial imagination. The principle is to produce a black and white mask with the near faces bright and the distant faces dark. In my example, the depth mask would look like this:


If the depth mask is created then take the StereoPhotoMaker and click on "Open Left / Right Image." For the left one takes the original image and for the right the depth mask which has been saved as a JPG.

Then click on "Edit" then on "Depth mask" and then on "Create 3D image from 2D + depth mask" - a dialog window will open. Here you can set the deviation - in my case, I have 20 elected.

So far, the 3D image is ready. Then mount as usual, adjust the cut and save the 3D image in the desired format.

Have fun and good succeed!