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The Stereoscopy Blog provides an overview of the latest 3D photography, useful information and links about stereoscopy.



Foto Zagreb

22. May 2016 | New Photo Gallery
Zagreb is the capital and with almost one million inhabitants, the largest city in Croatia. After a heavy earthquake in 1880 the city was almost completely rebuilt. The historic old town was completed in the early 20th century and still dominates the town. For tourists, the city offers many attractions, shopping and attractive leisure opportunities in city parks.

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Maksimir Park in Zagreb

Foto Maksimir Park in Zagreb

19. May 2016 | New Photo Gallery
The next photo series are again taken in Croatia. The first tour I have undertaken in the Maksimir Park in Zagreb.
The Maksimir Park in Zagreb with its 316 hectares is the largest and oldest city park in southern Europe. In the park a zoo, beer gardens and numerous ponds are located. In the Echo-Pavillion you can hear your own voice with time delay.

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Bavarian Alps in spring

Foto Bayerische Alpen im Fühling

28. April 2016 | New Photo Gallery
Once back in cold Germany, I could not refuse to again take a photo tour in the Bavarian Alps. The weather was very variable. This gave me a new challenge in photography.

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Foto Swakopmund

26. March 2016 | New Photo Gallery
Swakopmund has about 43.000 inhabitants and is situated in the Namib Desert on the coast of the Atlantic ocean. The city excites mainly on sustainable tourism. The Skeleton Coast National Park, where you can find numerous shipwrecks and ruins, is just nearby. At Cape Cross a settlement of more than 250.000 seals can be seen. The largest sand dunes in the world are located between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay.

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Foto Tsumeb

20. March 2016 | New Photo Gallery
Tsumeb is a mining town with about 19.000 inhabitants in the northern part of Namibia. Tsumeb is situated in the fertile areas of Namibia with a high agricultural use. A large city park is in the center of the city. From Tsumeb you can visit the famous Etosha National Park, Lake Otjikoto, Hoba Meteorite and the San Bushmen.

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In the botanical garden Windhoek

Foto Botanischer Garten Windhoek

04. February 2016 | New Photo Gallery
Stereoscopic macro photos from the botanical garden in Windhoek.

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Cape Town

Foto Kapstadt

30. December 2015 | New Photo Gallery
Cape Town is the second largest city in South Africa and is one of the most attractive global metropolises. In Cape Town, there is everything. A high cultural activities, great shopping facilities, numerous beaches and the Table Mountain in the center of the city, which offers a fascinating nature.

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Foto Deadvlei

22. November 2015 | New Photo Gallery
The Dead Vlei is at the end of Sossuvlei valley. Sand dunes have the valley enclosed so that no water can get there any more. The acacia trees have died slowly on the clay pan. Some trees are already over 500 years old.

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Foto Damaraland

30. October 2015 | New Photo Gallery
The Damaraland is the main settlement area of ​​the Damara tribe in Namibia. A hilly desert landscape in the regions of Erongo and Kunene. There are still villages where peoples live according to their old tradition.

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Foto Salzburg

27. August 2015 | New Photo Gallery
The city of Salzburg is a city on the northern edge of the Alps in the middle of the Salzburg basin. The historic old town is located on the Salzach and is limited by fortresses and Mönchsberg and its western foothills, the Rainsberg.

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Foto Nürnberg

13. August 2015 | New Photo Gallery
Nuremberg in Bavaria is with 500.000 residents is one of the major cities in Germany. The old town, which was almost completely destroyed during World War II, is again almost completely reconstructed.

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Foto Augsburg

03. August 2015 | New Photo Gallery
Augsburg in southwestern Bavaria has 280.000 inhabitants. The city was founded by the Romans and is one of the oldest cities in Germany.

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Bad Toelz

Foto Bad Tölz

31. July 2015 | New Photo Gallery
Bad Tolz, a spa town on the Isar River is approximately 50 kilometers south of Munich. The historic old town with an Alpine panorama makes Bad Toelz one of the most beautifullest cities in Germany.

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In the forest

Foto Wald

15. July 2015 | New Photo Gallery
30% of land in Germany consists of forests. In our gallery you can find the most beautifullest impressions during the summer season.

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Objects in 3D

Foto 3D Objekt

05. July 2015 | New Photo Gallery
In the virtual world, objects can be displayed photo-realistically. The creativity has no limits.

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Earth in 3D

Foto Earth

10. June 2015 | New Photo Gallery
A collection of the best perpectives of Google Earth. With screenshots the images were mounted as 3D.

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