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Berlin in 3D

München in 3D

Discover Berlin in 3D. The best 3D photos from Berlin for free download. The 3D photo gallery supports anaglyph and polarizing technology.

About Berlin

Berlin is with more than 3.5 million inhabitants the capital of Germany. The high multicultural presence attracts millions of tourists annually. Berlin is one of the most attractive metropolises worldwide so therefore the city increases annually by 40.000 residents.

The first photo gallery about Berlin in stereoscopic Ultra High Definition 3D

Never could you experience Berlin as close as you would be on the spot. Thanks to a new developed in the production process of stereoscopic 3D photos, it is now possible to rediscover Berlin completely. A careful selection of the best 60 photos, which are suitable for stereoscopic reproduction, allow you to view 3D photos without the eyes becoming tired..

Berlin in 3D - A Piece of contemporary history

A photo is a document of a contemporary history. The unique moment of a photo will never be repeated again. For stereoscopic photographs, one is moved back to reality as soon as the picture arose. Even in 100 years, the principle of stereoscopy will not change. Mankind only have two eyes. If an image is displayed separately for each eye, then an impression arises as if one were again at that time on the spot. Nothing could hold a historical moment better than a 3D stereoscopic photo.

Photos that are ahead of their time

The world is waiting for autostereoscopic playback technologies. If one can view 3D photos without glasses and this is also available for the broad masses, then stereoscopy is as common as a color television. Stereoscopic reproduction technology is still under development. At the beginning, 3D images were presented with a stereoscope. Later the anaglyph technology was developed. You could print 3D images and then view them with  special Red/Cyan glasses. The development of the polarizing filter technology was a breakthrough. The right and the left image could now be separated cleanly in true colors. With simple cheap polarizing glasses everyone could experience 3D. The high display quality requires a high degree of image quality, however, which not all 3D photo and 3D movie producers are able to match.

For stereoscopic photos there are no professional compact solutions. Although one has already developed cameras with two lenses, the picture quality however is always in the amateur range. Professional photos require professional equipment. That is why the 3D photography is still genuine manual work. Automatic programs do not work reliably synchronously. For this reason, each photo must still be photographed manually. The brightness, Iso, exposure time, color temperature and focal length must exactly be the same. With the right angle of incidence one reaches the natural depth effect. A quick snapshot is therefore not possible. The aim is to imitate natural vision.

Only those who understand the anatomy of vision can produce good 3D photos!

The eyes are also a sensitive sense organ whose muscles should not be too much stressed. The most comfortable way to see clearly is from the distance. Poor 3D images stress the muscles of the iris and the eyeball. Therefore, it is not surprising that some are very critical towards 3D photos. There are unfortunately many photos and films which are very stressful for the viewer. These should be classified at best, harmful to health. Well-produced 3D images take into account the anatomy of seeing. The depth of the screen must correspond to the viewer's natural viewing ratio. Therefore for example, it is not possible to display a panoramic image in a wide-angle format on a monitor realistically in 3D. The photos presented here from Berlin correspond precisely to the human vision and can be viewed optimally by each of the two working healthy eyes.

The experience is at the forefront, the seeing and feeling of the place

"Berlin in 3D" is best experienced with the latest Ultra High Definition televisions that support 3D playback. The high resolution guarantees that you will not see any more pixels. In this way an experience is generated, as if the TV would be a shining showcase like in a museum. People and animals look like puppets that are frozen in a moment. With balanced high dynamic range photography, shadows and lights have been adapted to the human vision. It is thus, the most realistic method to capture the moment.

For viewing of the photos of Berlin on a 3D TV you can download the photos for free. In the ZIP file is a folder containing 60 MPO photos of Berlin. Unzip the ZIP file to your computer and transfer the folder to a USB stick. Connect the USB stick to a 3D TV. Usually the TV immediately recognizes that a USB stick has been connected so that a dialog window opens to view the photos.

For those who do not have a 3D TV, the photos can also be viewed alternatively as an anaglyph version. The following image gallery supports all common playback methods for viewing of stereoscopic photos.

The recording format of the photo gallery

The picture series "Berlin in 3D" was photographed with two Canon Eos 550D. The resolution of the raw format is 5814x3456 pixels. This corresponds to a size of 43x29 cm at 300 dpi. In order to present the photos in full screen on a 3D TV, they were cut to a 16:9 format and reduced to a 4K resolution with 3840x2160 pixels. Each photo can be re-assembled and edited without loss of quality.

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Urania Weltzeituhr Alexsanderplatz Berlin
Urania World Clock Alexsanderplatz

Berliner Fernsehrturm Eingang
Berlin television tower entrance

Neptunbrunnen Berlin
Neptune fountain

Altes Museum Berlin.jpg
Old Museum

Berliner Dom Lustgarten
Berlin Cathedral Lustgarten

Bodemuseum Berlin

Hackische Höfe Scheunenviertel
Hackische Höfe Scheunenviertel

Monbijoupark Oranienburger Straße Berlin
Monbijoupark Oranienburger Strasse

Nikolaiviertel Nikolaikirche Nikolaikirchplatz Berlin
Nikolaiviertel Nikolaikirche Nikolaikirchplatz

Nikolaiviertel Wappenbrunnen Berlin
Nikolaiviertel Wappenbrunnen

Gendarmenmarkt Deutscher Dom
Gendarmenmarkt German Cathedral

Frankfurter Tor Karl Marx Allee Berlin
Frankfurter Tor Karl Marx Allee

Strausberger Platz Berlin
Strausberger Platz

Leipziger Straße Komplex Berlin
Leipziger Straße Komplex

Potzdamer Platz Berlin Ampel
Potzdamer Platz

Potzdamer Straße Skyline Berlin
Potzdamer Strasse Skyline

Bellevuestrasse Potzdamer Platz
Bellevuestrasse Potzdamer Platz

Potzdamer Platz Ritz Carlton Berlin
Potzdamer Platz Ritz Carlton

Denkmal für die ermordeten Juden Europas
Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Brandenburger Tor Pariser Platz
Brandenburg Gate Pariser Platz

Quadriga am Brandenburger Tor Berlin
Quadriga at the Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburger Tor West
Brandenburg Gate West

Sowjetisches Ehrenmal Tiergarten
Soviet Memorial Tiergarten

Reichstag Berlin

Federal Chancellery

Hauptbahnhof Berlin Moltke Brücke
Hauptbahnhof Berlin Moltke Brücke

Hauptbahhof Berlin Innen
Hauptbahhof Berlin Interior

Haus der Kulturen der Welt Berlin
House of World Cultures

Paul-Löbe-Haus an der Spree Berlin
Paul Löbe Building on the River Spree

Konzerthaus Berlin

Bartningalle Brücke Spree
Bartningalle bridge

Nationalgalerie Berlin
National Gallery

Wittenbergplatz U-Bahn Station Berlin
Wittenbergplatz Underground Station

Tauentzienstraße Berlin

Zoologischer Garten Berlin Chinesisches Tor
Zoologischer Garten Berlin Chinesisches Tor

Schloss Charlottenburg Berlin
Schloss Charlottenburg

Olympiastadion Berlin Haupteingang
Olympiastadion Berlin main entrance

Olympiastadion Berlin Innen
Olympiastadion Berlin Interior

Olympiastadion Berlin Ring
Olympiastadion Berlin Ring

Linkstraße am Potzdamer Platz Berlin
Linkstraße am Potzdamer Platz

Rosinenbomber am Technikmuseum Berlin
Rosinenbomber am Technik Museum

Anhalter Bahnhof Ruine
Anhalt Station Ruin

Brücken am Landwehrkanal
Bridges on the Landwehr Canal

Landwehrkanal Herkulesufer Berlin
Landwehrkanal Herkulesufer

Flughafen Berlin Tempelhof Radarturm
Berlin Tempelhof Airport radar tower

Tempelhofer Feld Berlin
Tempelhofer Feld

Luftbrückendenkmal Platz der Luftbrücke Berlin
Luftbrückendenkmal Platz der Luftbrücke

Wasserfälle im Viktoriapark Berlin
Waterfalls in Victoria Park

Arkaden am Potzdamer Platz
Arcades at Potsdamer Platz

Trabi World Berlin
Trabi World Berlin

U-Bahnhof Schlesisches Tor Berlin
U-Bahnhof Schlesisches Tor

Bülowstraße Berlin

Oberbaunbrücke Berlin

Molecule Men Berlin
Molecule Men

East Side Gallery Berlin
East Side Gallery

O2 World Berlin
O2 World

Schlesischer Busch Wachturm Berlin
Schlesischer Busch Wachturm

Sowjetisches Ehrenmal Treptower Park Berlin
Soviet Memorial Treptow Park

Insel der Jugend Berlin
Isle of Youth

Wrangelkiez Szenekiez Berlin Kreuzberg
Wrangelkiez Szenekiez Kreuzberg

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